Cairns Child Care Cairns & District Child Care Development Association


The History of Cairns & District Child Care Development Association

The Association has been established for over 35 years and is committed to sponsoring and assisting community based child care services in our region.

The Management Committee of the Association are voluntary, community minded people with an interest in child care, with several Directors and Child Care Managers being members. They meet regularly, once a month, to discuss the matters of the Association and it’s sponsored services.

We are proud of our services and uphold the values of Quality Child Care for all Children. The Association abides by all Guidelines as set down by the State and Federal Governments, is committed to the Accreditation Process in our services.

We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our staff are long serving, qualified and committed child care workers who embrace the philosophy of Community Based Child Care. We have representatives who attend the National Childrens Services Forum and the National Association of Multicultural and Ethnic Children Services, giving the Association access to all Peak Body Members of Child Care Services throughout Australia.

The objects of the Association are:
  1. The preservation & development of a range of child care services of a high standard in Far North Queensland
  2. To provide quality Early Childhood Services that comply with all State and Commonwealth Licensing and Funding Requirements
  3. To provide opportunity for community involvement in community based child care services
  4. To foster service environments that appreciate and respect the individuality and the interdependence of all children including children from diverse backgrounds and children with special needs
  5. The Association is and shall remain a Community Based Association, to operate on a ‘not-for-profit’ basis for the benefit of the community

Contact Details

Cairns & District Childcare Development Association
PO Box 489
ABN: 79 434 562 069
(07) 4032 1177
(07) 4032 1690
"Cortisol is a stress hormone released when humans experience a threat, feel unsafe or unsure of themselves. Ideally, our cortisol levels are highest in the morning after waking and decline throughout the day
Attendance at childcare is thought to be a risk factor for high stress in young children as it involves separation form parents"
- Extract from "Evidence for change" by Margaret Sims
pg13, Issue 85 Rattler Magazine.